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How can I get in touch with Roku

What are the ways to reach Roku's customer service?

Are you searching for details on how to get in touch with Roku and receive assistance from a representative? For anyone experiencing a service-related difficulty, the Roku customer care center is the first place they should go to receive immediate help from a technician. Roku's support team is totally committed to helping those who use any of its products or services and are having some issues. Roku's customer service staff is available via a number of methods. So, if you're curious to know that how to get in touch with Roku, you can find out the official details from the information provided below.

Customer service number:

  • The easiest way to reach a representative at Roku's support center is to call 408-556-9391, which is the company's official phone number.
  • There is no specific time for contacting Roku's phone number assistance, so you can ring at any time.
  • During peak hours, you may have to put your call on hold a little longer after contacting the customer service number before being routed to a live person.
  • After dialing the number you will first hear just an answering machine, however, after following the steps properly, your call will be forwarded to a live person.

Email service:

Roku's official email is available for customers who have a lesser Relatively urgent issue and are willing to wait through to a certain amount of time for a reply.

  • To send an email, go to the contact us page on Roku's official website and select the email option.
  • After that, you must fill in certain information such as your name, email account, and your contact number.
  • Then, after providing the information about the problem you're having, click Continue to receive help from a representative.

Online chat service:

  • Go to Roku's main website to start an online conversation and receive immediate assistance from a service department agent.
  • After that, in the typing section, you need to write your query and tap on start chat option.
  • Doing that, you will be assigned a customer care agent by the Roku's support team who will help you with the query.

You may find official information on how to contact Roku's customer service department for assistance with any questions you may have about the service you are using by going through the above-mentioned details. You can contact any of the methods to speak with a representative who can help you with the problems you're having at any time.