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How to Recover Facebook Password Without Email and Security Question?


Facebook is a social media service having billions of users worldwide having an account with password protection. This password is necessary for login, but sometimes users disremember it, and they want to recover it. The easiest and the quickest way to perform that is using the security question method. But, when they forget the correct answer, using the official email ID or phone number is the best method that you can use.

How to reset the Facebook password without the security question?

  • First, a user is required to launch the official Facebook website using your internet browser.
  • After entering the correct linked phone number or email ID in the necessary section, click on the Forgot Password link.
  • Now, a user will obtain several recovery options to finish the process which you are using.
  • Now, select the linked phone number or email ID to get the recovery code to verify your identity.
  • Once a user enters the verification code, a user will obtain access to the password reset section.
  • Next, he should enter the new password in the necessary web field and enter that newly generated password again.
  • This measure will confirm the password which you have recently created for using it with your Facebook account.
  • To end this process, a user should click on the save button and reset the password of the Facebook account.

Alternatively, resetting the Facebook password is also feasible when you complete that using the trusted contact methods. The trusted contacts method is a great one as it recovers your account without any need to use the security questions.

Bottom Line

Therefore, it is apparent to all users that using Facebook account recovery is feasible when you perform that without using its security questions method. Anyone can Reset Facebook Password Without Security Question as there are several other recovery methods are available. However, another best method to use here is the recovery process done by using the well-trained and professional customer service team of Facebook.

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