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How to Deactivate Facebook Account?


How to deactivate Facebook Account?

Using Facebook can be advantageous a well as time-consuming. If you don't want to use Facebook, for the time being, do not worry. Facebook provides you an better option through which you deactivate your account anytime and can re-use it after login. How can you use this feature? You will get to know in the content below, but before, let's go through some essential worth mention points.

Things you should know before deactivating the FB account.

  • If you reactivate your Facebook account, you can use it again, which means you can reaccess your photo videos.
  • If you deactivate your account, nobody will be able to see your timeline or find your account while searching for it.
  • People can see the private messages that you have to send them while your FB account is deactivated.
  • You can use your account against it after logging into your Facebook account or using the Facebook account from other sources. To use your Facebook account again, you must access your email or mobile number registered to the account.

The above given are some points that you should consider while deactivating the Facebook account. Once you are sure of deactivating the account, you can follow the procedure given below.

How to deactivate an FB account?

  1. To deactivate your account at first open your Facebook account 
  2. Click in the top right button of Facebook either on your phone or desktop
  3. Go to the settings & privacy section and then click on settings
  4. On the left column, click on the tab Your Facebook information
  5. Now click on the button Deactivate and Deletion
  6. Go to the options Deactivate account, then click on the option continue to account deactivation
  7. Following the instructions, on-screen, you can complete your Facebook deactivation process

Once if you have deactivated your account but have Facebook messengers, you can still chat with your friends. Your profile picture will be visible to your friends in the conversation. In addition, people on Facebook messengers can still search for you to send any message.

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