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How to Change your Birthday on Facebook?


How to Change your Birthday on Facebook? 

Facebook users have the option to change their date of birth on the Facebook application. Users have to stick to specific steps for processing the desired changes on their Facebook account. 

Facebook account users can stick to the below-mentioned steps for processing the date o birth changes on their Facebook profile. 

Steps Change your Birthday on Facebook

  1. Open the Facebook and navigate to the settings option by selecting the three horizontal lines in a row. 
  2. Select your name for further options. 
  3. Select the option ‘see about your info”. This option is present just below the profile picture. 
  4. Select the “basic info’ option on the page. 
  5. Select the “Edit” option. 
  6. Users need to select the drop-down list on the page to proceed with the changes. 
  7. Make the desired changes to your date of birth for your Facebook profile and account. 
  8. Click on the ‘audience selector’ option to change the settings for who can see your date of birth on your Facebook profile.
  9. Navigate to the bottom of the page to save the changes made by you. Select the “save changes” option, and you are done. 

Facebook users can connect with someone from the customer service department at Facebook for help and assistance with their Facebook account. Users can connect with the customer service team to get assistance with making changes to the profile.

Users may use the call or email option to get in touch with the customer service department at Facebook. Users need to navigate to the help center on the application to process changes to their Facebook profile. The professionals will guide you through the entire process so that you are able to change your date of birth for your Facebook account without any complications. 

In a nutshell, it is easy to go with the desired changes with help from an expert at Facebook.

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