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Upgrade your previous booking to first class and business class easily with Etihad Airways

Do you know that you can upgrade your previous booking to first class and business class? If your answer is no, then note that Etihad Airways proffer an option of flight upgrading that only fewer airlines carrier provides to their passengers. If you have booked your flight ticket in Etihad Airways for the first time and don’t know about the upgrade process, then make sure that you have a proper knowledge regarding the seat upgrade before taking any step.

How to upgrade seats on Etihad Airways?

Etihad Airways proffer a lot of options for seat upgrading but there are only fewer ones will have been knowing about that. If you are thinking to upgrade your Etihad Airways flight, then make sure that your flight is eligible for an upgrade and you can follow the below methods to upgrade:

·  Etihad Guest Mileage Upgrade.

·  Push Upgrade.

·  Instant Airport Upgrade.

·  Purchase a business or first class ticket.

·  Bid for an Upgrade.

How to upgrade to business class on Etihad Airways?

Do you want to upgrade your economy class flight to business class, then you should need to follow the below instructions:

·  First of all, check the eligibility of your flight for upgrades and then also check either any space is available or not in business class.

·   Now go to the etihadguest.com and then log in to your account by using your login credentials.

·  Now click on the upgrade option and then you can see the number of miles need for an upgrade.

·  After that, choose a flight and then follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade your flight.

How to upgrade to first class on Etihad Airways?

Upgrading to the first class on Etihad Airways is also similar upgrading link in a business class. If you wish to upgrade, then go through the below steps:

·  Make sure that a proper space is available in that particular flight that you trying to choose for an upgrade.

·  You can upgrade directly at the airport during the check-in and pay the amount of upgrading via credit card or miles.

·  Etihad Airways first class upgrade is also possible with bid upgrade where you can bid for that particular class and use your miles under the payment option.

If the above-given steps do not help or you have any other query regarding the flight upgrade, then contact with the customer service team of Etihad Airways and avail the instant and relevant information to upgrade the class.